Frequently asked questions:

what should i bring?

We suggest bringing closed footware such as a pair of tennis shoes. A pair of jeans is a good idea as well. If you are planning on riding Waimea Canyon I would suggest a lightweight pullover or hoodie. It does get cool at the higher altitude. Kauai is home to one of the wettest spots on Earth and has the reputation of raining everyday. Most rain showers do not last very long, and we can usually try to avoid them when possible. A lightweight rain jacket is still a good idea though and are easy to pack

What about helmets?

You are not required to wear a helmet in Hawaii. We do have helmets available if you prefer to wear one. You ARE required however to wear eye protection at all times. That includes sunglasses during the day and clear glasses/goggles if riding at night.

cameras and gopro's

We always suggest bringing a camera or at least a smartphone. GoPro's are great as well. I have assorted mounts for GoPro's you are welcome to use. We do have gopro's for rent as well. You keep the memory card and edit your own video.