No Rain, No Rainbows

Kauai is referred to as the "Garden Island". Much of Kauai is lush and green with an almost jungle-like tropical climate. So naturally one of the most frequent questions clients ask me is will it rain during the tour. It might. It is always possible. It does rain everyday somewhere on Kauai, so there is a possibility we could experience some rain at some point.

Rain is one of the factors that contribute to Kauai's beauty. Mount Wai'ale'ale is one of the now extinct volcanos that formed Kauai and is regarded as one of the wettest places on earth. The mountain averages around 452 inches of rain a year. Most of the rain that occurs on Kauai happens on the inland, more mountainous terrain. Hence all the waterfalls on the mountains, and all the numerous rivers that Kauai has. 

So after explaining all this, they usually will follow up with "But the weather report shows rain everyday?" Well, the weather report is right, but that doesn't really mean anything about what will actually happen, or how you should plan your day. Barring some massive tropical storm, it is just too difficult to accurately predict the weather here. It seems like the Meteorologists just make it up as they go. It's not that hard actually. All you have to do is set a wide range of parameters and just repeat it over and over. Here is an example of a typical weekly weather report for Kauai..

Monday: 79/71-period of sun with showers

Tuesday: 78/71-some sun with a possible shower

Wednesday: 79/73-times of clouds and sun

Thursday: 78/72-clouds and sun with a shower

Friday: 79/71-partly sunny and breezy

Saturday: 78/70-some sun with showers; breezy

Sunday: 79/70-clouds possible with a shower

When it does rain it usually doesn't last very long, and there are many times we can see the rain cloud and attempt to avoid it. In any case, rarely does it ruin the day. It is usually a light rain for a few minutes, then the sun comes back out and we dry up quickly.

One of the popular sayings here is "No rain, no rainbows."