We are the Reider Family. My wife Cindi and I made our first trip to Kauai from Atlanta Georgia in 2007 to get married. Like many others we fell in love with the islands beauty, culture, people, and lifestyle. We would return as often as possible and with each trip it became more painful to leave. In February of 2013 we learned we were pregnant and decided that it was now or never and we moved to Kauai with our four dogs. We wanted a better life for ourselves and our daughter Riley, who was born on Kauai in November of 2013.


We do this because we love motorcycles. But more importantly we love watching people discover Kauai. This is a magical place and we enjoy sharing it. Kauai has an amazing effect on people and can be a life-changing experience. It is very rewarding to be a part of that!


I started riding dirt bikes when I was 4 years old and never stopped. I started riding street bikes as soon as I could get a license. I just turned 40, so you could say I have over 30 years experience riding and maintaining motorcycles. Cindi started riding dirt bikes in 2006 and began riding street bikes soon after.


When our friends and family started coming to Kauai to visit us we would usually take them out on rides. They always had a blast and said that riding a motorcycle here was their favorite part of the entire trip and the best way to see the Island. We would also have tourists come up to us while we were on the bikes and say "That sure looks like fun, we thought about renting bikes, but we have no idea where to go". People that would meet us and ask if we would show them around on their rental bikes. We would take them around and they would say, "You guy's should do tours, nobody offers that here." So here we are..



Randy, Cindi, and Riley Reider